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Who We Are

Wisconsin Healthcare Purchasing and Material Managers Association is a local AHRMM chapter. We represent a group of Healthcare Supply Chain professionals, with the goal of sharing knowledge and education with our members to be the best they can be for their respective organizations.


WHPMMA President’s Letter

Welcome WHPMMA Members, Suppliers, and Supply Chain professionals!

     The last several years have been a constant roller coaster; from continued spikes and falls in Covid-19, inflation, and supply chain and staffing issues,  no one in healthcare or the nation as a whole has been spared from this ride. Our organization is no different.  We deal with organizations statewide who have a wide variety of organizational cuts to employee educational opportunities or even still being on hold for an events such as the WHPMMA fall conference. With this being said, we truly appreciate your commitment to WHPMMA. A few months ago, I was elected president of WHPMMA and will be acting as your president until this Fall when we can meet again and fill our board once again. I have been in Supply Chain in some function for the last 20 years of my professional career, where I have spent the last 11 years in healthcare supply chain.


     My role as President is to welcome you, engage with you at any of our events, and encourage you to participate.  If you are not yet a member, I would love for you to join and encourage you to get involved in all the chapter has to offer and certainly look to you to make our Chapter more robust.

     WHPMMA’s Fall Conference planning is almost complete, and we are beyond proud to say that September 13 -15 we will meet again in Appleton, Wisconsin. As a board we have decided the “show must go on,” and that is what we have set our sights on. We hope to have a wonderful crowd that includes you but know that this could be a rebuilding year and have planned as such. We will have guest speakers presenting topics about both the current and future state of supply chain including Peggy Kolb, Lisa Fohey, 3M, and Charles Jenson. We are also excited to welcome back our keynote speaker Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award winner Dr. Alonzo Kelly.

Save the date (September 13-15 2023)! Reminders and additional information will be coming regularly.

Sean M Brennum

WHPMMA President

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